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Friday, July 25, 2008


OMG, am I really a nerd?!?!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
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Thursday, July 24, 2008


First off, I want to say I'm sorry for not answering anyone... or visiting your blogs for that matter. I've been VERY busy. Read on...

Yep, I've been a BAD blogger. Sooo much has happened in the past month that I haven't found many minutes to do anything. It started out with FIREWORKS galore. Every weekend from the middle of June through the first week August there is/was a fireworks festival somewhere in the Chicago 'burbs... and we visit them ALL! Our weekends have been full. The 4th of July weekend we managed to squeeze in THREE shows! And, because it's finally summer and NICE out, there are festivals everywhere too. So far we've been to Greek Fest (awesome food, fabulous heritage dancers), Kane County Fair (tons of critters, MONSTER trucks, haha), we saw Blondie at Summerfest in Milwaukee, then Joan Jett at Ribfest in Naperville (she's awesome!), and probably a few I can't remember right now. We went black-raspberry picking in the deep woods... can you say TICKS?!?! I had to burn a few off hubby but lucked out myself and got NONE. OMG, parades!!!! There is an endless supply of them recently, the longest being two-and-a-half hours! Of course, the grandkids are loving their summer with all the carnivals. This coming weekend, hubby is going Scuba Diving at a dive sight in Lake Michigan while I hang out on the sailboat (I hate water, but love boats... go figure). Of course there were a few birthdays thrown in there too. Julie turned three... our little special-needs princess. We bought her a tricycle that can also be pushed in case she doesn't learn to peddle. She LOVES it! I sure hope she learns to ride it! And Julie's mom, Amy, also had a birthday!

As if that wasn't enough, right? Well, on July 6th, my youngest son and his SO had ANOTHER premie. Jeremy was born at 1 pound 3 ounces and is soooooo tiny. No photos were allowed in the intensive care, and none of the pictures turned out well when he moved into the NICU because of the incubator reflections. FINALLY, on day eleven, he was removed from oxygen and the nurse took him out for a "sneak" picture. My son, Bob, is extremely excited to have a baby boy and is already making plans for fishing trips and baseball games, haha. I can see that Jeremy will grow up wearing a Chicago Cubs cap for sure! I'll be scouring the internet for sports clothes, haha. Anyway, here he is... scrapped QUICKLY because I need to leave soon to babysit the grandkids so my oldest son can visit the hospital.

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I'll probably be very scarce for at least another month until things settle down a bit. THEN I'll be able to check my email, if they haven't kicked me off for having full mailboxes, hahaha!