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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This past weekend was fun! Friday night we stayed home to watch TV... a relaxing way to start out. I think I was fast asleep by 9pm! Television does that to me though. The phone didn't even ring! How odd... I usually get a call from at least one of my kids!

Saturday morning, DH woke up and decided to have a garage sale (ughhh) and actually tried to sell all the stuff I had, at one time or another, thrown into the garbage. He is such a packrat!!! He'll save just about anything if he thinks he can make a nickel, haha. After 5 hours and with a profit of about $15, he packed it up for another time. He managed to get the pool cleaned out while waiting for people to come though! I will NOT do garage sales... at least not on the selling end. AND I won't go in the pool with people walking in and out of our backyard. I'm too old to be showing myself to others, LOL.

Then, Saturday night we went to a balloon festival in Elgin. There was tons of food, bands until dusk, train rides and a water park for the kids, and lots of happy faces. It was a beautiful day! About 20 balloonists set up their balloons for the Sunday launch in the park by the Fox River, and at dusk they ALL lit up! It was gorgeous!! But, dummy-me forgot to check the camera bag to see if the camera was actually in there. DUHHHH... I left it on my desk from last time I downloaded the pictures to my computer. I hope they do it again this summer so I can actually get some pics!

Sunday, I got a surprise visit from my oldest son and DIL. Can you watch the kids for an hour? HAHAHA... they NEVER are only gone an hour! But I took them, of course, and we had fun. Tayli kept begging to go in the pool but it was only 69 degrees out (F)... next time. So we ended up playing hide-n-seek. Emma had to get in on the fun too, even if she didn't know the rules! After an hour of running around the house, acting like a little kid, I was exhausted! I guess that's why adults (without kids anymore) don't play later in life... we don't have the stamina for it anymore, haha. They finally got picked up another hour later... and I took a much-needed nap.

Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden with hubby's mom, and hubby's brother and wife. It's one of my favorite places to eat.... the breadsticks are to die for! I had the Manicotti Formaggio, YUM, but my stomach felt it afterward!!! I'm "lactose intollerant" so everytime I have anything with cheese or milk, I DIE! Needless to say, I groaned and moaned almost the whole time at the fireworks we went to later in Cary for CaryDays. Silently though, so hubby didn't have a clue I was feeling like crap. I'd hate to ruin fireworks for anyway, haha. Anyway, that was my weekend... it ended with a bang (pun intended).

Somewhere in all that I actually had time to scrap! Okay, so I started this LO on Monday morning, but it was ALMOST still the weekend! Ahhh Scrap had their Grand Opening yesterday with a ton of freebies and games and sales. One of the freebies was for a challenge, Scrap Happens by Designs by Crazy Diamond and I just had to give it a try... scrapping "everyday life". So I used a template from a different challenge from STChallenges, scrapping with the quote "You can never..." and came up with this. What a mixture, huh? These are some of the many cats that visit us every day. Does anyone know of a farm in che Chicago 'burbs that need some "mice-catchers"?

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Kit: Scrap Happens by Designs by Crazy Diamond
Template: THD_t100 by Trish Heffner (Trish H. Designs)
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