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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've been tagged... and a few bragbook LOs I made

She did it AGAIN!!! Kristine tagged me... this time with SEVEN things about myself.

1. Link to the person that tagged you and leave a comment on their blog, so that their readers can visit yours. ~~~Kristine's blog WenchdGrafix Designs. Visit her blog!!... she has some awesome kits on sale THIS WEEK ONLY! She also has some awesome freebie samplers.... go check it out!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 random people at the bottom of your post, linking to their blog. Let each person know by leaving a comment on their blog. (if you don’t know 7 bloggers, just tag who you know)

Seven things about me:

1. One of my most craved snacks are sardines... but they have to be King Oscar double-layer in olive oil or I won't eat them. Hubby won't come near me when I'm eating them, haha... and I passed on my craving to my oldest son.
2. I HAVE to have the TV or music on to read a book... don't know why.
3. On an average, I get about 5 pictures per 100 taken on my digital camera that I ever actually keep. I'm a TERRIBLE photographer! Either that or I need a new camera!
4. My favorite TV shows right now (and my nightly ritual for the week) are Dr. Who, Ghost Hunters, The Riches, Medium, Lost, Haunted Places, and whatever stupid old horror movie Svengooli has on Saturday late night. (that's one for each night)
5. I wear at least one ring on every finger... four on a couple... and they're all silver or platinum. I don't like gold or diamonds (YES, I'm a female!)
6. I want to have Johnny Depps baby.... hahaha. It's impossible (I'm "fixed") but I sure would love to try. [[ Okay, Mom & Dad... pretend you didn't read that! ]]
7. I do butt wiggles and butt crunches while I'm at the computer to keep from getting flabby, LOL. I'm sure you REALLY wanted to know that, hahaha!

I have to tag 7 people. There aren't that many who come here so I'll just say that ANYONE who comes here and reads this has to do it! Let me know if you do so I can come visit!


Next, I want to share a couple bragbooks I made for my mom and dad. They've never met a couple of their younger grandkids.

These first two I made with an AWESOME kit by Vicki at A Work in Progress called Doodle-icious. You really should go check out her blog! She has a lot of really kewl stuff to share! I love her designs. After these were printed, I found all kinds of stuff I would have or should have done... as usual. You can see the full size 6x4's by clicking on them.... for printing purposed for mom & dad!

This is Tayli on Easter. She ate sooo much candy that she was bouncing off the walls.
Kit Doodle-icious by Vicki at A Work in Progress.
Butterfly by Boo Silva at Booland Designs from her Granddad kit.
Template used is Template215 by Andrea Gold and modified by me for bragbook size.

This is Emma, Tayli's little sister, on Easter. She's guilty of handing out all the candy to Tayli, lol.
Kit is Doodle-icious by Vicki at A Work in Progress.
Template is March_template_Left by Karen Maggie for Scrapbookgraphics and modified by me for bragbook size.

This one I used a different kit... I love the colors on this kit. Visit Fran over at Imagine to check out her beautiful kits!

This is Julie, our little miracle girl. She's finally starting to sit still for photos!
Scrapkit is Picoti by Fran at Imagine.
Overlay & alpha Little Birdie coordinate by Gabrielle at Take My Breath Away.

That's it for me! I have tons to do now. I wasn't even going to blog today until I saw that Kristine tagged me, haha. Ciao!


Vicki said...

Oh wow!! I love the bragbook pages - they are BEAUTIFUL! You have done a fantastic job - I will pop a link on my blog tomorrow so others can see your fine work ;o)

Fran said...

Many thanks for your kind words on my blog and on yours. Your layout is very pretty and funny ! I love it ! Congratulations !

Kristine said...

If nothing else Kris, I will make you blog! lol

You are a great sport to do it though...I've been tagged to death this week ...hahaha

Kopperhead said...

Great pages...love those little birdies. It's funny, I got up this morning wanting to make a card with a bird on it, then the first thing I see is your layout with birds, then I found a freebie bird!! Guess it's meant to be. Anyway, thank you for always commenting on my freebies, only about 8% who download comment (I have done the math) (yes, I took the test and I am a nerd), my calculations include the data that I see from others offering freebies also. So THANK YOU. I'll shut up now.

Gabrielle said...

Kris!, AB! FAB! what a gorgeous little girl and the LO is not bad either lol, actually it's beautiful. I'm delighted my " Little Birdie alpha and overlays" helped you to do it

Kopperhead said...

OK, you must write!!
serendipityfirefly at yahoo dot com
I own more black clothes than anybody should, and contrarily, every color is my favorite...LOL

Elisa said...

Wow - You've worked on some adorable bragbooks, absolutely wonderful work! :)

Heavenly said...

6. Ooooohhhh... I remember reading VC Andrews first series!!! It's been soooooo long since I've been able to pick up a book to really read. Like you, I have trifocals but still have a hard time reading, arghhh. Just wondering, are the other series after the first as good? I loved her books! My fav is Stephen King, LOL... gotta love that horror!

Oh yeah her other series is just as good if not better. I like Stephen King too, the movies kick ass lol. I was sitting here lastnight watching a good horror flick while bloggin lol. Hubby thinks I'm nuts cuz I like to watch all that gore. Forensic (sp) science, yeah that would be me all the way, I don't get grossed out with all that stuff I think it's kewl lol. Call me strange it's ok haha I been called worse rotflmao... just don't call me late for dinner woot!
Have a great one : )