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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ohhhhhhhhh balls!

These are pics that were taken of my granddaughters while visiting in St. Louis, MO awhile back and couldn't find the right color kit to scrap them with. This was my FIRST attempt (I'll be "starting over" soon, LOL). Well, TWO of my FAVORITE scrap designers worked together with this FABULOUS collaboration! My LO doesn't do the kit justice (never does, haha). Vicki Parker aka "A work in progress" and Linda Walton aka Bon Scrapetit Designs aka bobbysgirlforever created this gorgeous and colorful kit called FESTIVITY... how good can it get?!?! I used primarily pinks but there's sooo much more to work with. Check it out on Linda's blog and Vicki's blog! You won't be sorry!

And this is what I created with it, LOL. Overcrowded... as usual... haha. This was done as 8x10" instead of square this time. Now don't laugh!!!! My extraction looks like something out of the movie "The Ring" where the girl is crawling out of the TV! You have to see the look on her face to know what I mean, haha.

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Kit Festivity by the wonderful collab team, Linda Walton (Bon Scrapatit Designs) and Vicki Parker (A work in progress)
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Vicki said...

Oh Kris - I love it! Those photos were made for the kit! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Hugs to you xx

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kris darlin' - YOU are such a HOOT and I cannot tell you HOW much I enjoy your visits to my blog!!!

You've done an AMAZING job of mixing pieces of *FESTIVITY* and those BALLS hold some of my FONDEST memories with my kiddos back in the day! Our homeschooling group used to meet at Discovery Zone, here in California, once per month and the kids would LITERALLY "have a BALL"!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing and I am going to snag a copy and post on my blog ya know!!! I'm still struggling with the slideshow and may end up having to do the same as Vicki on her blog with the guestbook as I cannot seem to find any of the styles that are allowing for people to ADD! Hmmmm ... seems they would be digressing, eh? LOL! Oh well, I shall get it all sorted!

CONGRATULATIONS Grandma! I have to chuckle as I have six children and did not become a "bona fide" Grandma until after 50 and here you are with eight BEFORE 50!!!



Linda :)

amsangel said...

I love this!!