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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is me...

.... hahaha... in HIGH SCHOOL that is. The year is 1976. Yep, hippy hair and fugly clothes and colors (though I didn't think so at the time). Check it out, I'm wearing a blue and orange shirt with the icky wide collar, ugh!!! I think those were the days of bell bottoms (again) or elephant pants... I can't remember. But I'm sooooo glad those fashion trends don't grace my wardrobe anymore, hahaha.

Anyway, I used a really cute freebie kit that's coming in pieces called Doodledidei by Nicole (aka NBK). Lots of doodles and funky colors. You can pick up the kit at her blog AND you can even get MORE for creating a LO and sending it to her! Of course I went soooo overboard with adding "stuff", as I usually do, but I just couldn't stop. I would have used ALL of the gazillion doodles if I had enough room, haha. There's also a link there to Doris' (Tempus Fugit) blog which has another awesome "doodley" kit called Hippy di Hip with tons more doodles and fun colors! I'll be back with another LO (hopefully) soon with her kit!

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Doodledidei Kit by Nicole (NBK)
Fonts are LB_Sandbox, Elephant

I leave you with this thought:

1 comment:

Princeton McKinney said...

LOL....great layout. You might ought to dig out those clothes again, as I finally watched TV last night and I think the hair styles from the sixties are coming back!! I never saw so much teased up hair since then.

Anyway, I understand there was a big party in your neck of the woods last night? Did you go?? I stayed up and watched the speeches--way past my bedtime.

I've been making cards like crazy (no photos to scrap...waaaa).