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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm sick....

... so be careful. I think Kristine breathed on me when I visited her blog. She had the cooties too, so I think you can catch it by blog-hopping!!

::: cough :::
::: hack :::
<< sniffle >>

(( sigh ))

I'll be back after I'm done sleeping 20 hours a day... for a few more days anyway.


Kristine said...

Awww!!! We can blame it on my daughter Kris....she now has 2 ear infections and both eyes have pink eye...bleh...

Hugs ya tight till ya fart a little...(just got rid of at least 100 cooties right there darlin'...LOL)

Elisa said...

So sorry to hear that you were fighting a bug...hopefully you're feeling much, much better by now and things are steadily improving. Thanks so much for your birthday greetings, and yes, we sure gotta love our Bamboos!! :D
Hope you'll be feeling well soon and enjoy a great weekend :)

Kristine said...

You were tagged on my blog today!
Come check it out!