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Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm ALMOST a Grandma again & more LOs....

My oldest son's wife, Kim, went to the doctor on Monday and had an ultrasound (pregnant again, haha)... and the baby is already 8-1/2 pounds!!! He's not due until the first week of March but just keeps growing and growing. When I talked to her the other day, the doctor had told her that if she goes full term the baby could be 1- to 11 pounds!!!! I'd die!!! Well, since she's had c-sections with the other two, this will be no different... her "date" with the doctor is February 27th. Of course, if she goes into labor early I could be a grandma again ANY DAY!!! I can't wait... another grandson!!!

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm getting used to this or I'm just bored lately, haha! I actually did TWO MORE LOs!!! The first one I revisited some pictures I recieved from my "other" daughter, Jessica. I love looking at the gorgeous dress she wore. She's been married over a year now but always think of her when I see RED! This awesome kit by Line was black and white so I did a bit of recoloring. I really think I need new pictures of her!

Kit - Dark Angel by Line ~~ some pieces recolored
Red Paper Overlay - 05_O_Edge_Flourishes by Suzanne C. Walker
Black Paper Diamond Overlay - 1-way_diamondoverlay by 1WayUp
Font - MC Sweetie Hearts

This next one is from another awesome kit called Rainbow Ride by Irene Alexeeva that I bought a few weeks back. I just HAD to have it and found some time to play with it yesterday. She really has the most beautiful kits! These are my grandbabies... my favorite topic to scrap! AND I won Masterpiece of the Day at OWD (Osten Wilkins Designs forum) two days in a row!!! What an honor!!! This was today's winner.The other winner was "BFF" from the previous post.

Kit - Rainbow Ride by Irene V. Alexeeva
Kit available HERE at her Scrap Orchard store

I'm off to watch some tv... I feel like all I've done is stare at the computer making all these LOs! Have a great day!

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nancy said...

oh kris, those are adorable. I love the pages like they're in fairyland.LOL> Congratulations being a grandmother. I will be back soon.Nancy