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Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm a GRANDMA again!!! ... and a LO

My son and his wife did it again! An hour ago, my new grandson was born!!! Arthur William Hxxxxx was born at 9:13 p.m. weighing NINE pounds 6 ounces!!! In "other world" speak, that's 4.3 kg. BIG baby... little chunker!!! AND he was three weeks early! No pictures yet... she had a c-section and can't have visitors until tomorrow... but you can be sure I'll get some tomorrow! I'm so excited... another boy, wheeeeeeeeee!

Instead of pacing the floor like I would have (waiting for the baby to be born), I decided to play with a couple photos I have of my Grandpa Tess from when he was in the Army. This doesn't do the gorgeous kit justice but I didn't want to make it frilly. After all, it's the ARMY, haha. The kit is called Romantic Heritage and it's by another of my favorite designers.... Dawn aka Snowsmoon. You just HAVE to go check out the kit... it's gorgeous and FREE on her blog, Welcome to My Digital World!

And here's my LO...

Kit - Romantic Heritage by Snowsmoon
Arrow - CU fleche carton by Simplette
(recolored using Snowsmoon paper and color)
Fonts - 2Peas Champagne, Blackoak Std

I'll try to come back tomorrow night to post some grandbaby pics!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

CONGRATULATIONS Grandma!!! How exciting, another BOUNCING BABY BOY to LOVE!!! WOO HOO!!!

He is a BIG BOY and to think if he hung in there for another three weeks! POOR MAMA! EEEKS!

I LOVE what you did with Dawn's GORGEOUS kit Kris!!! BEAUTIFUL layout!!! I have a few Army photos I need to scrap for my children of their father one of these days. Thank you for the AWESOME inspiration girlfriend!!!

I can't wait to see your next post on my blog roll so that I can come and take a peek at PRECIOUS Arthur William.

Check this out. My father's name was Albert William (also the name of on of my older brothers) AND my father had a brother named Arthur! Pretty cool, eh? He, he ...

Okay Grandma, you make sure and get plenty of rest too, K? *wink*

I've not seen Kaleb in about six weeks or so and the kids are going to bring him down to visit tomorrow, Mama and weather permitting! *smile*

Linda :)

Snowsmoon said...

Thank you so much for using and sharing with me your awesome layout.I will add it to the slide show and move it so that everyone can find it.

Thank you Kris for all your support and again that you for posting this and sending me to it.