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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dang cat!

I can't believe it! The one day I get to enjoy hubby's company in the morning (SLEEPING... what were you thinking?), my cat comes in at sunrise and does her very loud and very persistent meowing. I'm never sure if she just wants attention or wants food. So I sat up and she went away! I guess she just didn't like the fact that I was sleeping and she wasn't... hrmph! Needless to say, I've already been up for hours. After taking my usual handful of Extra Strength Exedrin, I'm finally ALMOST alive. And, of course, the cat went back to sleep... because I'm up!

Today will HOPEFULLY be my last day of Christmas shopping. I want to get wrapping! I've managed to get all the toys, so now I'm going to finish up with a couple cute outfits for the grandkids. I don't "do" adults anymore so shopping is really fairly easy now. Most kids would be happy with a saucepan and spoon.... or just a big box, haha! The hardest part was finding car seats... I looked everywhere for two of the same kind. Did you know that a lot of stores only stock one at a time? Jeesh. I finally found them and JUST TO MAKE ROOM in my "junk" room, my oldest son and wife and son already have them.... two less things to wrap! This is what I got... TWO of them. These thing aren't cheap! (THANK YOU Mom & Dad).

Anyway, this is my partial pile that I have to wrap, ha! Yep, I paid the CRAZY price for the Lincoln Logs. Who would have thought those things would be so expensive! Thank you again, Mom & Dad!

I'm off to get ready for the mall now, YUCK. Maybe I'll be back later with more pics. I took some really cute shots of my grandkids last week when I was babysitting.

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