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Friday, December 7, 2007

My first day

Okay, so I never had a blog before! I should have but was too lazy, haha. I'm here now... sharing.

My name is Kris and live in a western suburb of Chicago. I'm married to a wonderful man. My first marriage was a total flop but that's a different story. All I can say is that I LOVE the man I'm with. I hate it here though.. snow, humidity, too much politics. I'm a mother to three (2 boys, 1 girl), and have two more out there that I adopted off at birth (private adoption). ONE FOUND ME! (Hi Jessica!) I have five grandkids and love them to death. They're such joys to be around at that age (YOUNG). I'm also a step-grandma to a totally rambuncious little boy. You'll get to see some pics of them here soon.

I'm currently not working so I have tons of time to do as I please. Mostly I spend my time at digital-scrapbooking blogs and stores. I love digital!!!! I'm really new... I think I've done a handful of layouts... but my dream is to one day actually DESIGN my own kit. I've played around in PSP since version 5, I think, and now work with PSPX, PSPXII, PS-CS2, and any other graphics prog that will do as I command, LOL.

Anyway, here I am. You'll probably never see a picture of me here... I hate my pics! But I'll try to post tons about my kids and grandkids.


This is the FIRST picture of my grandkids that I ever scrapped. This is four of 'em anyway, Julie, Austin, Madilyn, and Tayli. It's a tag and not printable :::sniff::: I usually use the LARGE kits and not the tagger's kits. Anyway, this picture was taken LAST Christmas and thought I'd share. I can't find the kit name that I used but it was created by ScrappyExpressions. She has a Yahoo group where she shares her creations here

Left to right: Julie, Austin, Madilyn, Tayli

Here's a recent picture (4th of July!) I scrapped of Emma... not very good but my first try with a template:


Template by Hummie at http://blog.hummiesworld.com/

Kit by JulieO's - Delicious Blueberry Blue Kit at Stone Accents -http://stoneaccents.blogspot.com/

THIS is my step-grandson, Caleb... he's a cutey and so active! He's hard to keep up with. This is a pic I scrapped from his birthday party last month. I did the LO for DSB for a challenge. I have no clue who created the pieces that I used.... from tons of kits or freebies. So sorry. If you see something that is yours, please let me know and I'll add your info for sure!

He loves Thomas the Train (for the moment anyway)!

Well, ciao for now. I'm off to look for more Christmas goodies.

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