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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not a creature was stirring...

Hi Mom, Dad! I see you got the pictures! Thank goodness for the UPS tracking system!

1Z 618 073 03 1430 193 1
Type: Package
Status: Delivered
Delivered On: 12/18/2007 1:16 P.M.
Delivered To: TUCSON, AZ, US
Service: GROUND

Yep, I was watching! Let me know how you like them. Sorry no frames!

Oh by the way, when you come here and want to say something, you can click on comments and write a quick note if you want. It'd be nice to know if you stop by. That goes for anyone too, ya know!

Well, not much to say. My cat is fed, I'm fed, the cat is sleeping, Dave is sleeping, AND I'M AWAKE! G'nite!


.: Kristine :. said...

Morning Kris!!!! I was so happy to get a comment from someone I know on my blog!!!! Haven't heard from you in a long time!!! Hope all is well with you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hey There!!! e mail buddy.. Hows every thing going?? Just wanted to Wish you and Dave A Very X Mas and A happy New Year!!! I talked to old Beth the other day, she was asking about every one. have you ever heard fron from Bill Ellott or John Hughes??well ok bye for now your old work buddy Doris