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Thursday, January 24, 2008

NEW HEADER... cats.. and email

I got a new header!!!! Woohoo!!!! I was getting sooo sick of the other one. The awesome kit I used is called Into the Mystic by Kristine over at WenchGrafix. You gotta go check out her blog! She has some links to other creations with this gorgeous kit.

Well, not much news besides it's COLD outside. The thermometer says it's minus 5 degrees outside... that's fahrenheit!!! I'm nice and warm because I'm NOT going outside today, but I worry about all the stray animals in our area. This past summer, he made a "kitty door" on the garage just for this reason. It's only a small hole, 8in. x 8in. maybe in the side of the garage so stray cats have somewhere to get protection from the weather. Currently, I think there's five "wild" cats staying in there... poor babies. I've tried to so hard to find homes for them but a few are so hard to catch that I just let them be. Of course we keep a bowl of dry food for them, so I would think I'm attracting them here! We've actually been lucky. Only once we got a raccoon, but the cats ganged up on it and scared it away. HA! Is there anyone in the Chicagoland area willing to take on a born-in-the-wild cat with no shots and all? I have a few... you just need to catch them! We don't have the trap-neuter-release program around here. Anyway, I hope they all survive this terrible cold. The wind is supposed to pick up soon and that will make things worse.

Today, my goal is to go through my mail BEFORE I check out the blogs... which can sometimes take a whole day, haha. I have over 800 emails I've neglected for TOO long. I'm thinking maybe I should drop a couple YahooGroups!!! Maybe......

Ciao for now!

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kitchenwitchnh said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, wanted to stop in and say hi. Love your header too! Also like the Enya music.