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Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a dream *RANTING* and new Wacom

I have a dream...

Today is Martin Luther King Day... a very important day in America's history. I think if Mr. King were alive today, he'd be proud of the changes he inspired in this country. There is no more segregation, it's against the law to fire someone from a job because of race, creed, color, gender (etc, etc), and there are people of every color in every job. COLOR is no longer an issue... but you'd never know that from listening to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I can't say that prejudice is gone... it's still very much alive, largely because of the rants of people just as Mr. Jackson. What makes it OKAY for an African American to kill his wife (as in the OJ Simpson case) while there are millions of Caucasians (and other "colors"!) in prison for doing the same thing? Shouldn't that be a MURDER thing, not a BLACK thing? Why is it OKAY to have a United Negro College Fund while it is against the law to have a WHITE college fund (that would be prejudice)? Why do they still call it the United NEGRO College Fund when it's "prejudiced" to call an African American a NEGRO? Stupid things like this keep prejudice alive, in my opinion. But then, who am I? I'm a white middle-class person with European background who's lived in the Chicago suburbs her whole life. I don't see the day to day hardships that some ethnic groups have to go through. Speaking of ethnic groups, WHY ARE THERE STILL ETHNIC GROUPS if we are striving for equality and non-prejudice???

These questions baffle me and of course, these are only MY rantings. I am NOT a prejudice person. You can ask my BLACK friend (she's from Jamaica and has asked NOT to be called African American). You can ask my AFRICAN AMERICAN friends, my INDIAN friends, my MEXICAN and PUERTO RICAN friends, my JEWISH friends, my BOSNIAN friend (though Bosnia is no more), my ITALIAN and Pakistani friends, my friends who claim no ethicity and too many more to think of right now... who are all my AMERICAN friends. When I talk to these people, I don't think to myself that I'm addressing any special ethnic group. I've never asked where they come from or why. They are my friends! And I'm not alone in this. By the way, ALL of my friends from other countries have learned English.

This morning I was reading in the newspaper about other local "dreams" which now have branched out to the ILLEGAL ALIENS! Okay, now it's being pushed too far. This is ONLY my opinion. I am still trying to figure out what RIGHTS these ILLEGAL people seem to think they have. After all, this is America and OUR constitution doesn't cover other countries, right? They have their own rules and regulations. Why do people who are here ILLEGALLY think that America owes them anything(???) like food stamps, social security, and health care to name a few? Sometimes I wonder if anybody realizes that issues like this cost our country a fortune every day. If I went to another country, would they support me just because?? I think not.

I have a dream..... My dream is that this country will one day OUTLAW frivolous law suits... those really piss me off... but that's another huge rant. My dream is that NOBODY will have to be put into an ethnic group.... who cares anymore? We're all American. My dream is that this country will one day be as prosperous as it used to be because of hard work and not whining about equality... we already ARE equal so shut up. My dream is.... world peace! Hahahaha, I had to throw that one in to let myself lighten up.

Anyway, that's my rant. So sorry, but I got angry reading about other dreams this morning. My dream is to visit France one day, but that's all it is... a dream, ha! GET ME OFF THIS SUBJECT!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Okay :::deep breath::: on a lighter note, I GOT A WACOM TABLET last night!!!! It's a small Wacom, a starter, but I love it! I was only shopping for a new mouse (mine died) but went a little overboard, haha. I can hear my mom now saying "What the heck is that?". Well, Mom, it's like a mouse but you use a "pen" for a pointer instead.

It's used mostly for graphic design, drawing and the likes. I've wanted one forever and now, thanks to the Christmas money (THANK YOU!), I now have one! Woohoo! Guess what I'll be doing today. YEP, trying to figure out how it works. I can't wait! Maybe my "creative juices" will show up again.... I've been in a huge slump in that department lately. Cya for now!!!!

1 comment:

Kristine said...

I love my Wacom....took me about 2 weeks to get used to it but I am now hooked!!!!

Loved the cats too...OMG I'm peeing my pants! Gonna read the rant next!