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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The damn cat (we call her Mama) woke me up at 4:30 this morning!!! I swear, the older she gets, the more NEEDY she is! She's about 15 years old and does it ever show! She was hungry and thirsty and wanted tons of affection in the wee hours. Of course I pretended to be asleep but she started her kneading on my stomach and meowing VERY loudly. I finally gave in when she started batting at the blinds (they're aluminum) and making such a huge racket that I thought she was going to wake up hubby. We did her morning ritual of getting fed, lapping up a half bowl of water, massive amounts of getting petted and purring her little heart out, getting brushed, etc, etc. THEN SHE WENT BACK TO SLEEP!!! Meanwhile during all this, I drank a quick ice-coffee (Starbuck Mocha Frappachino, yum) to wake me up, so I couldn't go back to sleep... grrrr. Anway...

... since nobody out there in "blog-land" is usually up that early, I started playing around. I used Kristine's kit "Into The Mystic" again (can you tell I like the kit?) and came up with this 4x6. NOT too happy with it but it's MY grandkids and I love 'em!!! That's Miss Julie (a Packer's fan) on the left, Miss Tayli and Miss Emma (loving sisters) on the right.

Some news.... not good news though.
--- My daughter-in-law, Kim, was recently pregnant. WAS! She lost the baby last week. She was only a few months pregnant but she has a history of this so it was expected (sort of). She's feeling better now, but doesn't want to talk about it. I know for sure that they want ONE more though... sometime in the future ::: sigh :::
--- Also, last week we found out that Miss Julie probably will never be able to get rid of her tracheotomy or her feeding tube. A CT scan and MRI were taken of the brain that takes care of those functions and they're white. Which means those functions are getting worse. Nobody knows for sure what will happen. Julie is a miracle baby and has proven everybody wrong so far!!!

Not much else to say. It's going to be one of those days.

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