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Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's been almost a week?

... jeez, where has the time gone? Hmmm, I guess I've been REALLY busy clearing off my hard drive. Over 30 DVDs burned of "stuff" (tags, graphics, tons of scrap stuff, fonts, tubes, etc, etc) have come off since Monday. HOORAY, I have more room to COLLECT now, haha! Backaches, headaches, eye strain, carpal tunnel, you name it, I've gotten it this week! And of course hubby was a bit IRKED that he couldn't get on my computer for things he wanted to do, LOL.

Of course, I did my daily BLOG reading. I was HONORED by Kristine at WenchdGrafix Designs (yep she MOVED to a bigger/better site... reminding myself to add the link to my blog favs on the left!). You can read it HERE. I'm number 8. Of course I had to read them all... she's surrounded by awesome people! She's SUCH a sweetie, so funny and did I ever mention TALENTED? She's building an AWESOME freebie kit that one day SOON I'll be making a new header with. I'm so sick of the one I have, ugh!

So far today I've done almost absolutely NOTHING. Well, I can't say that because laundry is close to being done. But that practically does itself with an hour wait between loads. I DID check out Blogthings today and found this:

You are a Hippie

You are a total hippie. While you may not wear birks or smell of incense, you have the soul of a hippie.
You don't trust authority, and you do as you please. You're willing to take a stand, even when what you believe isn't popular.

You like to experiment with ideas, lifestyles, and different subcultures.
You always gravitate toward what's radical and subversive. Normal, mainstream culture doesn't really resonate with you.

Mom and dad, does this explain a bit about WHY I was such a rebel as a kid? Haha.

Well, I'm outta here. I still have about 3 DVDs to burn and I'm home free for a few months! Ciao for now!

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